The QC-Plugin part of KinemeCore.

Release: KinemeCorePlugin, v20071212

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071212
Release Notes

Lots of changes. Persistent settings and more tweaks than I can shake a stick at.

Let's see ... You can make the viewer window transparently backgrounded, you can shrink or eliminate the scrollbars in the editor, you can make the viewer window always on top, you can force the viewer to start up in fullscreen mode (for better performances ;), you can shrink the title bars, you can kind of full-screen the editor (still working on a better implementation of this), and it doesn't check for updates automatically on startup, until I trust sparkle a little bit more. (with the recent site upgrade, the auto-update cast is empty anyways, so there's no harm even if you do run it and it turns out to be buggy).

I think I'm going to start a TV show called 'Pimp My QC' or something...

[edit: updated to guard against the bug amos mentioned. Forgot a check. Sorry.]

Release: KinemeCorePlugin, v20071110

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071110
Release Notes

Numerous small fixes: Native 64-bit Leopard build (including removal of legacy cruft from Sparkle), more intelligent auto-updating (daily now, instead of every time you start QC).

Release: KinemeCorePlugin, v20071109

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071109
Release Notes

First beta release of KinemeCore Framework and associated KinemeCore plugin. The framework is presently just a placeholder with no useful functionality.

The plugin is capable of automatically updating itself, the framework, and any other plugins with the proper autoupdate data (which we'll have to document shortly). This includes official-API plugins :)

The QC UI is also modified according to various annoyances smokris or I have dealt with. Your needs are probably different, so just fling up some ideas. I can't guarantee anything, but I'll give it a shot. I plan on making a Lite mode which doesn't perform these invasive modifications.

Easter Egg: glass windows — play with your preferences ;)

There's almost certainly a lot that will go wrong here. please bear with me...