Safe OSC

Safe OSC is a patch that allows OSC patches to work in safe mode.

Release: Safe OSC, v0.1

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.1
Release Notes
The Safe OSC plugin is deprecated. Information on getting around Safe Mode restrictions

Safe OSC is a patch that modifies the existing built-in OSC patches to work in safe mode. This allows them to work in "safe-mode sandboxed" applications. [Please read the warning before using this plugin!]

There are some applications that don't load "unsafe" patches from compositions. Keynote and QuickTime are two notable ones. This plugin modifies the existing OSC patches to allow them to get loaded along with the others. For safety purposes, this plugin won't function in Safari.

Warning: Circumventing the "Safe Mode" restriction introduces some privacy issues — for example, malicious compositions can attempt to record or broadcast UDP network traffic through the OSC protocol. As such, you should only use/install this plugin when you need this functionality.

Unlike other safe-mode hack arounds, this one actually is Extremely risky -- please make sure you know absolutely what you're doing. If you're not sure what UDP or OSC is, Please Do Not Install This Plugin.