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I've got some troubles with the artdmx receiver.

What I'm trying to do is basically control quartz from a grandMA console.

I've tried three different setups with different kind of hardware and software.

1st: grandMA -> Mac (Quartz) single ethernet cable. -Receiving artnet on the grandMA from Quartz, but unable to receive in Quartz. -Normally if the grandMA finds artnet nodes, it's displayed with an identifier ++ in the artnet configuration panel. I tried with an Catalyst Mediaserver I have on my mac as well, and it popped up.

2nd: grandMA onPC (software) -> Mac (Quartz) via switch and also connected to a MA lighting 2portNode to be able to send dmx parameters from the software. -Same as above. Able to receive from, but not send to quartz.

3rd: Hogpc -> dmx cable -> 2portNode set up as a artnet node with the input to 0:0 -> (Mac Quartz) -Unable to receive from the hog/2portnode interface. -Tested this in the Catalyst, and are receiving dmx and able to control the features of the catalyst.

So I guess there might be an issue with the receive patch?

Best regards Joakim

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Perhaps it's doing some kind of handshake to detect nodes, and since we don't have any probe stuff in there yet, it doesn't respond. This might trick the device into thinking no one's listening, so it doesn't send?

Are you familiar with tcpdump? if so, can you try to see if it's actually sending packets to the machine?

Are there any messages in

What happens if you have the catalyst MediaServer on at the same time as QC? (so the mediaserver will respond to the handshake, if that's what's taking place)

How would you feel about trying out some diagnostic builds (so that we can collect some log info for this setup) in the future to get this going?

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Further testing

Hi again

I did some further testing here at the office and found that quartz do not receive even when catalyst is running and receiving.

I guess you have a point about the handshake. I saw in the artnet specs (page7) that different receivers have an unique oem code that is transmitted in the artpollreply. That's probably what identifies my node in the lighting software I'm using. Or am I in the wrong ballpark here? 8)

Quartz leaves this in

26.11.08 11.46.32 Quartz Composer[1424] *** Message from : invalid packet: unknown version

26.11.08 11.46.32 Quartz Composer[1424] *** Message from : invalid packet: unknown version

and so on.

I have a tcpdump I made from following these instructions:

I'd be more than happy to test any diagnostic builds you send my way.

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The console stuff is a bit helpful already -- good to know. Also, the dmp will likely be helpful.

Side note: dmp's can contain private information (if, for example, safari updated an authenticated rss feed or something, or mail checked a remote mailbox), so you should delete that file as soon as possible (I've got a copy, so we can use that internally if we need to -- I've not looked at it yet to know if anything is in there, but better safe than sorry).

I'll try to have some more diagnostics in another build for you in the coming week or so.

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Very nice!

Ok, good to know. I've deleted the file. It's just ethernet connected to the artnet node anyway, I guess the rest of the network packets are going through my airport connection. 8)

Looking forward to see what you come up with!

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same thing....

Hooked up with a friend who has a CamSys MagicQ lighting desk, to explore QC & DMX.. but only had success sending from QC but not receiving!

The best we could get was the DMX value flashing up occasionally.. but returning to zero for the majority of the time... From what i read in the Kineme documentation, i wondered if it may be a short frames thing?

Any news on this or ideas gratefully received..

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This should be resolved by version 1.1 -- if not, please include console dumps and any other pertinent information.

The receiver should properly handle both short and full frames, and the sender can be configured for either, with full (most compatible) being the default.

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Re: Artdmx - Receiver

I'm having a similar problem with the Artdmx receiver. I've tried both magicQ PC and freestyler set to artnet output mode and neither seem to work. There are no errors in the console. The TCP dump is scrambled looking but I am unsure how to open the .dmp files other than in text edit.

What am I doing wrong?


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