Checkerboard Output from QuartzCrystal demo/unregistered

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Rendered output has a checkerboard, with white squares being the rendered output, and the black squares just being black. Before I fool around with all the various possible combinations here, is there something very obvious I’m missing here? Like — Is this the defacing done by the unregistered version?!?

...otherwise: Leopard 10.5.7, 2 x 2.66 GHz Dual Core Xeon 4 GB RAM I’m totally new to Quartz and Kineme; am trying out various obvious, basic things.

Am trying to render a simple Qtz comp which just pipes a Movie Loader to Billboard, with some image correction (gamma) in between. Have tried with 2 different movies — one a DV output from Final Cut Pro, the other a H264-encoded clip from QT Broadcaster.

Both Qtz comps show/play normally when dropped into Qtz Crystal.

(Note: I also just tried a non-movie-related Quartz comp, “Shaded Material”, supplied by Apple, which prints “Hello World”. Same thing: got the checkerboard.

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Re: Checkerboard Output from QuartzCrystal demo/unregistered

Ouch! many thanks.