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is it possible to prevent the Directory Scanner patch to "see" system .files (like files) when set to "All Files" mode ? Or is it a bug ? Because it kind of "suddenly" happened despite the fact that my finder doesn't show hidden files ? - this behavior has been verified on 2 "virgin" machines with a fresh install -

right now i'm using BlueHarvest to prevent the system from writing these files on select folders


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Finder settings are in an opaque format that other programs can't/aren't supposed to access (the infamous .DS_Store files) -- the "Don't show hidden files" setting is stored in there somewhere, but we don't try to honour those settings (since no one has convincingly reverse engineered the format, as far as I can tell).

You can possibly pass the structure through javascript, which can check to see if the first character of the file name is '.', and toss it out based on that. That's the only way I can think of to accomplish this at present.

If you'd like, we can make that an option on future versions.

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i also came across this last week. i hacked round it as it bit me during the install not prep, but was going to either write my own directory scanner that returned only files with extension defined by an input, or ask for the kineme source and add that functionality to it.

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yep, an option would be welcome, in the future.

meanwhile, an interesting QC-oriented javascript link would be awesome. (other than the japanese one)

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Javascript link

I had a similar situation a while back, where i needed to scan a directory for only certain files. I got around by feeding the output structure elements into a string components patch, separating on . and testing the last element for the right extension. That could be a good way to go if you're going through the directory 1 file at a time as i was, otherwise it's pretty easy to filter with javascript (btw, javascript in QC is actually pretty standard in most ways, so searching for general jscripts to cover what you need is good).

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Logic AND/OR/NAND/XOR Glamour !

I ask and email you for this "System hidden files" filter. I think it could be very useful to integrate this fonction into the Directory Scanner Patch. If someone has made a JS, it could be nice to post it there, but i think it could be better for the "logic and the glamour" of the Directory Scanner Patch to include this option. I would like to ad another improvement (in my opinion) for the next future version. I found that the hierarchy in the structure output is a bit confuse and difficult to use when we try the 'Follow Links" option. The sub-folders are listed first and before their mother-folders an so on in the list. It's a bit complicated to sort a "natural" hierarchy of folders and sub-folders, to make a kind of "Browsing Patch". Could you change this structure order ? I don't know how to make a real "Browsing" ability in the Directory Scanner Patch itself, but it could be really really great ! Maybe with indexed levels ? Or a companion patch that could navigate into the structure to increase or decrease navigation level into folders ?

If you think about a simple way to do that kind of "Browsing system" using our actual patches (like structure index member and String Component Patches) could you post a little exemple composition please ? I'm trying but i'm totaly lost about it... Thanx !