Kinemee 3D installation problem (?)

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Kineme3D plugin apparently not being found.

(supporting screenshots attached)

Steps Done:

-- Leopard 10.5.7, Quartz Composer has been exited from.

-- downloaded the .dmg, unpacked the contents into my local Quartz working directory for storage, then copied them into the Leopard installation location, ~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches

(note: not Plug Ins) (note: my user name on the system here is "brett"

-- Opened Quartz Composer; opened one of the sample comps;

-- got a window of errors, The composition "Bending Plane.qtz" was not restored successfully"

Note, in the systemlog window, you can see messages about invalid Quartz plugins at 18;20 pm. That's because i put the plugins into both the Patches and the PlugIns directories after this problem first happened. Then I removed the ones in "PlugIns", and conducted the documented test at around 18:45 pm.

Also -- i haven't had to use my serial number for the Kineme3D. Is it required for proper installation? Or just "on the record" registration?

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Re: Kinemee 3D installation problem (?)

Serial Number question , stops Kineme 3D from timing out after a fashion, (after a while [7 days])

Your problem could simply be case of your needing to flush your Quartz Composer application cache, to be found --->


specifically :-) .

Always a good idea if QC starts messing up, as it can, (in this instance, possibly due in part to your having had plugins in the wrong places).

If the problem persists then I'd try downloading & reinstalling the dmg again.

Can't reproduce your problem I'm afraid :-(

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Re: Kinemee 3D installation problem (?)

brettm wrote:
~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches

From your screenshot u-3.jpg, it looks like you have two spaces between "Composer" and "Patches" in the folder name.

Remove the extra space and restart Quartz Composer. It should then find the plugin and ask for your license key.

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Re: Kinemee 3D installation problem (?)

All hail smokris!

....that was the problem! Excellent catch.

[feels something, looks down and sees tail between legs]