loosing my hair on Particle Tools

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Hi, i'm having serious problems running Particle Tools. The collision patch behaviour seems extremely erratic : sometimes it is visible , sometimes not, and who knows why. Here's an example of the collision patch NOT working: no collision happen. I simply just don't know why !!!

Someone please have the kindness to show me the way...

collision.qtz8.31 KB

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There are some known problems with output from the collision meshes. We're not entirely sure why either (or, at least, I'm not. smokris might know).

I've not got PT 0.1 installed anymore (I've got a 0.2 beta build), but in the next version (my version, at least), this composition works as expected (i.e. particles fall from the ceiling, and bounce off of the floor).

Not much consolation, I know... hopefully we'll have 0.2 ready for release sooner, rather than later...

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HIGHLY anticipated.

HIGHLY anticipated.

What's weird about this for me is that the first time I opened it the face structure didn't load. The second time it did. (weeeeiiiird)

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Broken OpenGL State + Broken Collision Library

There are (at least) two issues at play:

  1. VEE's built-in force rendering system has a tendency to corrupt the OpenGL state. Chris and I have been working on rewriting the rendering system from scratch.

  2. VEE uses the OPCODE collision detection library, which I've found to be fairly unstable and inconsistent. In the longer term, we're planning to replace this, too.

The above two problems are independent, I think --- whether or not the collider happens to be rendered correctly shouldn't affect whether particles actually collide with it, so I think the problem here has more to do with OPCODE.

(Incidentally, if you remove the "Top" quad, it seems to work reliably for me...)

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Visibility Fixed

Actually it turns out the problems with the collider not rendering when it should weren't GL-related.

This has been fixed in ParticleTools 0.3.