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Kineme Audio Input - Waveform output

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G'Day everyone

I've just started on audio analysis in quartz composer.

Using the Kineme Audio Input patch from the Audio Tools plugin, i've noticed that the waveform output has a lot of data (waveformlets?), 512 it seems.

My questions is; what is the best way to simplify this down to just 3 values, high mid, low. Suppose I could also break them into 9 or 27 values. But 512, just seems a little overkill for what I need.

Is there a best way to do this? Any gotcha's I need to worry about? Would a few Javascript patchs do?

Is the accuracy of each of the frequencies equal, I remember reading a while back that the lower and higher values are not really accurate or usable. Although that could of been about another patch.

Also, what is the Frequency Mode? I change it but nothing seems to happen. I'm pretty new to audio, so i'm probably asking really basic questions but we all have to start somewhere :)

Thanks for the patch though, I'm already making use of the volume peaks.