Free Beer (Composition by Scratchpole)

Author: Scratchpole
License: (unknown)
Date: 2009.11.30
Compatibility: 10.5
Required plugins:

Just a little test I had in mind for a while. Dunno why some particles escape on start up? Maybe my model or velocity rather than gravity?! If someone can make a froth on the top I will be chuffed (pleased). Hope it is of some use. CHEERS. Jx

FreeBeer.zip29.17 KB

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cybero's picture
Re: Free Beer (Composition by Scratchpole)

Punch listing commences :-)

1 - Local file paths make compositions mobile & portable.

2 - Resource base - I had to substitute a Sphere16.fbx that I had for one not bundled with the example.

Now if I can only get these bubbles to stop flying around in fashions best suited to Particle physics than being contained in a glass, I think I might be getting somewhere - bounds and boundaries.