Fibonacci_Golden_Tunnel (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: Public Domain
Date: 2012.08.10
Compatibility: 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
Required plugins:

this is an approximation of a golden spiral with a fibonacci sequence driving some colors. it makes a serpent or tunnel like effect. i thought it would make a nice back drop or screen saver type of effect. different images and serpent sizes will produce different effects...

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cybero's picture
Re: Fibonacci_Golden_Tunnel (Composition by dust)

Pretty groovy indeed dust - I find on my [increasingly old] iMac that steps much above 8 slow the fps to well below 30 fps at HD 720 resolution.

I can well imagine that on somewhat more capable GPU and CPU hardware that this would easily support 64 steps and possibly higher.