Humanoid Jam max-live-qc (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: MIT
Date: 2010.07.03
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

so i decided to resurrect some old max files and put together a max - live - qc instrument. this started when i had no body to collaborate with and i decided i wanted my computer to play along with me. well now with the max - live integration i'm making this possible for everyone. i started with this in mind but now i'm more interested in not jamming but listening to the computer improvise.

live instrument:

single midi track - minimal tech tutorial

example progressive house

how to load the patch

how to live jam

how does the computer predict the notes i was going to play ?

first order hidden markov chains

no really that doesn't explain anything you input some notes via mouse or keyboard and then the computer calculates the probability of what you will play next based on a 3 note observation.

how do i improvise with it? its best to just go crazy and play all kinds of riffs in and see what happens.

the patch is quantized so that you can sync it.

inquire for the experimental humanized version.

please note all this audio is algorithmically generated. the only human interaction is to tell is to tell it what key top play.

run qc patch to see graphed predictions

chain.qtz118.69 KB
followMe.amxd_.zip3.4 KB

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jersmi's picture
Re: Humanoid Jam max-live-qc (Composition by dust)

I have my eyes peeled for ways to visualize midi -- nice one... thanks for sharing.

dust's picture
Re: Humanoid Jam max-live-qc (Composition by dust)

thanks i wasn't going for any real visual effect for this one its more experimental. i queued up a golden spiral structure, then to muck it up i sort the golden spiral using the midi notes the live patch predicted. did you try the instrument its pretty cool to see what the computer comes up with. the hard part is figuring out a way to visualize the data. right now its just sending note data to qc. i'm thinking about adding presets so people can save etc...