Turn Table (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: MIT
Date: 2010.05.10
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

here is a turntable that i have been using to interface my ipad with qc.


im keeping the pad interface private for now but i have included a cocoa application bundle with cross faders, knobs, and decks made from qc files. i don't know use to dj use it to vj... eventually it will get mapped to popular dj software.

so i was having some trouble trying to get a turntable to work a while ago... but finally figured out a working solution to the qc screen context. so thank you chris for helping me. i was trying to do the cos(x) sin(y) methods i do to draw circles but rotation is in radians and not degrees. eventually i figured it was best to use theta like chris told me with a sqr root function.

i found atan2(x,y)+M_PI worked the same on half the record. eventually i figured adding 360 to -180... -179...178....->0ยบ with just one conditional statement works perfect. i can't believe how ugly my cos and sin methods where... i had to use all kinds of logic and even then there wasn't a smooth interaction.

now everything is beautiful....

this is the reason why i'm building the turntables is because.

this is so much fun.....


even my two year old can do it...


tablePadInterface.qtz1.42 MB
dustableDeploy.zip5.82 MB