iPad2QC->OSC Multi-Touch Accelerometer (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: MIT
Date: 2010.04.30
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

here is a patch that sends multi-touch and accelerometer iPad events to quartz composer.

version 2....

port [6666]

i simplified the touch structure. rather than having all touches in one structure. i choose to split them apart.

they are...

/touch/1/ "0" x1 location in pixels "1" y1 location in pixels "2" x1 previos location in pixels "3" y1 previos location in pixels

/touch/2/ "0" x2 location in pixels "1" y2 location in pixels "2" x2 previos location in pixels "3" y2 previos location in pixels

/touch/3/ "0" x3 location in pixels "1" y3 location in pixels "2" x3 previos location in pixels "3" y3 previos location in pixels

/touch/4/ "0" x4 location in pixels "1" y4 location in pixels "2" x4 previos location in pixels "3" y4 previos location in pixels

/touch/5/ "0" x5 location in pixels "1" y5 location in pixels "2" x5 previos location in pixels "3" y5 previos location in pixels

4 tap to bring up UI text input for ip... this can be increased to insure no false hits. enter sets ip.

run mtoscpad.qtz to make sure everything is working.

if you want to visualize the particles on the ipad un-comment all emitters in side the touches moved event.

they look like this. there is a bunch.. //[self addChild: emitter z:0];

touchPad.zip610.76 KB
MTOSC .zip4.82 MB
mtoscpad.qtz140.66 KB

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mfreakz's picture
Re: iPad2QC->OSC Multi-Touch Accelerometer (Composition by ...

If it works as it's said, that just fabulous ! I don't have an iPad, but i will find one (i use to know hardcore geeks !) to try this ! Many thanx.

dust's picture
Re: iPad2QC->OSC Multi-Touch Accelerometer (Composition by ...

well it works as advertised. i posted in hopes some hardcore geeks could use it, maybe give me some feed back etc... i am contemplating on if i want to send TUIO or keep the touches in the structure they are in ?

the touches are not fully implemented as it only sends 5 touches and accelerometer values right now. i will be adding a full ten touches soon. right now as a community version the ten touch gesture is a bit overkill i think.

i put the keyboard appease on a double tap so to test on a device you have to double click to get rid of the keyboard and enter ip address. it sends on port 1234 etc...

volkerk's picture
Re: iPad2QC->OSC Multi-Touch Accelerometer (Composition by ...

wow, that's great. should compile for the iPhone as well, right?

dust's picture
Re: iPad2QC->OSC Multi-Touch Accelerometer (Composition by ...

im not sure as this was made for the ipad. you can try going to the build tab of the project file and specify iphone as all the views i think are set to auto resize. resizing the screen space context stuff is done in the qc patch so theoretically you should be able to build it to the phone without changing anything. you will just have to change the mapping functions in qc to be that of the iphones screen size. i did make a version of this that does the screen mapping inside the app and not qc but for the universal applicability i did not upload that version.

i would test on the iphone but one of my ipods is missing and my other is broken as i tried changing the screen myself so i can't test but let me know i would be interested in knowing if this would build down to an iphone. like i said i'm pretty sure you can set it to universal iphone or ipad in the build settings. that option is under the section where you code sign.

volkerk's picture
Re: iPad2QC->OSC Multi-Touch Accelerometer (Composition by ...

unfortunaly i do not have a iPhone developer license. can't test it.