sculpty gesture wip (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: Public Domain
Date: 2012.04.09
Compatibility: 10.6, 10.7
Required plugins:

this is an open cl sculpture patch. included is a parametric sphere which you can set to variable resolutions for different level of quality. scroll x is rotate y... scroll y is rotate x...and two finger rotate is rotate z.... pinch changes z depth. by deeding the mesh back into itself it is possible to sculpt on all sides etc....

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Re: sculpty gesture wip (Composition by dust)


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Re: sculpty gesture wip (Composition by dust)


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Re: sculpty gesture wip (Composition by dust)

What I find interesting about this reworking of the System Mesh Bulge is that unlike other examples of such kernel reworks that I and others have done in times past, it is exceedingly stable in 64 bit QC, whereas I find a lot of my reworks of the kernels entailed, with or without JavaScript , done in Snow, are fairly stable in QC 32 bit in Lion [which application mode seems preferred by the older reworks], but unstable in QC 64 bit.

I do not find this example to be stable in 32 bit mode, which is merely tendered as an observation, rather than as a criticism.

I consider all such works to be original after their own fashion.

The crashes I experience are I think down to older CL code on my part, or perhaps are due to the interoperability, or the lack of, betwixt JS and OpenCL and the Mesh Renderer.

I do really like the inclusion of scrolling controls in this example.

Smoothly done [in 64 bit mode].