Kineme 3D-Interactive Model Reel (Composition by rmohler)

Author: rmohler
License: (unknown)
Date: 2010.11.17
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

A simple proof of concept design for an interactive demo/model reel in which the viewer has total control over how they want to view the model. Included are several of my own models. The settings are all set to them.

Future work may include the ability to import any model without having to change any extra settings on behalf of the user.

mohler_kineme3d_project.zip6.83 MB

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Re: Kineme 3D-Interactive Model Reel (Composition by rmohler)

One thing I really like about .qtz files is that they are editable in a good text editor, like Text Wrangler, for instance.

I opened your .qtz, searched for the following string

/Users/ryanmohler/Documents/QC Projects/kineme3d

& replaced all that with


& now it renders, pretty much as you intended, I guess, having been made more truly portable as a project.

I do like the rotating model chooser.

Smooth & useful indeed.

Thanks for sharing @rmohler

Hope you don't mind my attaching the re-edited .qtz, you could incorporate that back into your archive and replace the archive that is currently available.

Interactive Model Reel.qtz218.92 KB

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Re: Kineme 3D-Interactive Model Reel (Composition by rmohler)

nice one, i like it. thanks cybero for fixing the paths. i have been doing some similar 3d gui building my self. actually making a bunch of 3d gui's for unity 3d. i think i might actually charge for them, as thats what others seem to do with assets for unity. i will be making them available in qc for the community though. just if you want to use them in unity.

this one is a keyboard. actually working implementation.

i have a bunch of them. here are some dj type of gui controllers.

its interesting how once you make human interface controls in 3d you get a cross-modal connection between touch-sight-sound. what i mean is that when you change the perspective a bit your mind tricks into actually thinking there is some sort of haptic response that you would get from the physical model. its weird i don't know why there are not more 3d interface objects.

i like the models they have a nice poly count. i make mine at hi resolution. this (pic) took about 10 min. i mean if it where real physical clay it would only take 2 min. i actually don't even use this model as the poly count is a bit high but it didn't take long. i use the texture to make a displacement model at low resolution. its great these things are automatic now as it takes a long time to model low poly with sub divided face loops.

your read me is funny. "the use of these models are encapsulated to this particular qtz file only". or some words similar 2 that. the funny part is you are using a model of batman. or well i thought it was funny. as surly you didn't create batman the comic i mean not batman the model in this file. either way cool characters.

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Re: Kineme 3D-Interactive Model Reel (Composition by rmohler)

What app are you demo/testing the turntable GUI in that youtube vid dust?

I'd like to have a 3D interface for something I'm making called PATCHbANK, sort of patch organiser for multiple QC compositions. I was thinking psdeuo 3D like Reason et al but you got me thinkin' again!