Kinect Awesome Line Drawer (Composition by rybotron)

Author: rybotron
Date: 2012.05.26
Compatibility: 10.7
Required plugins:
GLTools, StructureTools

I modded Goto 10's awesome, Awesome LIne Drawer patch and added some kinect funcitonality. Left and right hands both draw lines in 3D space and your torso controls the movement of the camera. It's super fun.

I'm attaching a Quartz only version as well as a VDMX version with a VDMX template with a custom Kinect control surface to use as a data source. For the quartz version I used the help of the tryplex toolkit and synapse. For the VDMX version I used Synapse and the quartz passthrough plus max patch provided in the synapse zip to send OSC to VDMX.


Goto10's Awesome Line Drawer:

Tryplex toolkit:


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Prack's picture
Re: Kinect Awesome Line Drawer (Composition by rybotron)

great idea!, i will try it asap, thanks!

rybotron's picture
Re: Kinect Awesome Line Drawer (Composition by rybotron)

Thanks Prack! Let me know if you like it.