Julia3d mesh (Composition by voxdeserti)

Author: voxdeserti
License: Public Domain
Date: 2012.11.19
Compatibility: 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
Required plugins:

Set of fractal points with sorted connections between them. you can alter a shape of it by moving mouse cursor and then hitting 'space' bar. (All unused patches has been cleaned up)

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coebro's picture
Re: Julia3d mesh (Composition by voxdeserti)

When i open the comp my framrate dropes to 0.03 shortly followed by a total totally freezes up. Stangely enough if i preview the qtz icon in finder i can see a small picture of the comp, as if it was running ok. You should also note that plugin the _1024_GL_Circle 1.2 is required. Im on a 2012 mbp-r 10.82

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Re: Julia3d mesh (Composition by voxdeserti)

Works beautifully on 10.6.8. Crashes on my [by now] creaking 10.7.5 installation. Yet to try one of my 10.8.x installations with this file. Thought for the day - prepare to revamp the Lion installation base. Can be made to work with Line , Point , Cube and other GL Structure patches, so the _1024 Structure patch referred to earlier isn't an absolute prerequisite, even though it suits this composition nicely.

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Re: Julia3d mesh (Composition by voxdeserti)

I've replaced a comp with a new one excluding all the TRASH)))