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Little has been spoken of the proper use of the OpenCL convertor, which is hardly surprising as it hardly seems to recognise some OpenCL streams at all :-).

Essentially it is meant to convert an OpenCL structure into an image and it can do a pretty good job of dealing with video and streamed movies too.

This is a bit of a tangent to my creating some really effective OpenCL Optical Flow kernel based constructs. That is definitely a work in progress.

This little beauty shows how the Colours structure can be turned into a representation of the video [ - online version]. There actually is more variation amongst the other structure members than this grab gives lie to :-) .

The other OpenCL structures also yield graphically renderable information, chromatic and movement. Note the image output from the Convertor patch. The other two Convertors output the rainbow background and the texture grid.

Put together, they make for a rather graceful visualizer, albeit a slow vehicle fps wise, which I don't find matters too much, especially as feeding the audio peak to the movie rate [Asynchronous mode] keeps the whole moving structure synced to the audio throughput.

Still it would be nice to find an even more effective fps capable kernel based construct.

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Re: OpenCL Convertor | Particle Video Visualizer | W I P

Image showing the structure input on the OpenCL Convertor

Image showing the image output on the OpenCL Convertor fed the Colours structure

Video clip showing an offline rendering

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Re: OpenCL Convertor | Particle Video Visualizer | W I P

Remember the settings patch on it, however...that changes what it does entirely.

It's funny you post this, because I've been using it lately. I would actually shy away from it! In one mode I actually had my computer freeze and got spontaneously logged out! NEVER had something like that happen.

It's a private patch, and I don't think all of the settings are 100% useful to us, but do behind the scenes action.

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Re: OpenCL Convertor | Particle Video Visualizer | W I P

It really is about as stable with some OpenCL input streams as a melting glacier.

Then again it can be surprisingly rock solid.

That settings panel and its different options, I've only just begun to explore those. I've simply been outputting image from OpenCL structure feeds.

I certainly don't intend this as a 'production' visualizer.

Not for general purpose use.

Just experimental.

I was however very pleased to see that video being recreated from structure by that patch.

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Re: OpenCL Convertor | Particle Video Visualizer | W I P

Cheers for this. But when I try to run it, I get a popup about an unknown certifying authority for, and no matter how many times I click ok or cancel it wont go away.

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Re: OpenCL Convertor | Particle Video Visualizer | W I P

That'll be some permissions and certification that I need to sort out. ASAP. :-)

Please find below a link to that movie file you can't get at present from my site.