Particle Dance Transform

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This is a work in progress, a Particle Tools composition that uses OpenCL to create a transforming structure being fed into a Kineme GL Structure Renderer patch containing two GL Tools Structure patches.

The video above is set to the track that helped to create the audio data feed, Minkou e so non moin by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou.

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Re: Particle Dance Transform

Very nice - What type of FPS do you get when you run it in realtime? (assuming you rendered this with quartz crystal?)

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Re: Particle Dance Transform

Rendered in Quartz Crystal indeed.

In Quartz Composer get approx. 5 - 9 fps.

Definitely an offline render only item with the amount of sampling, feedback and OpenCL conversions going on.

BTW - the original Particle Dance can reach up to a creditable 30 fps. It also can crash out iTunes [GL Tools related error].