Xmas Tree

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codenamed Abies Electronics, a metallic xmas tree. Running a bunch of KnM techs, esp. the Artnet Patch, used to control an array of LED fixtures, 200 flashlights and a few other things...

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Re: Xmas Tree

i wish i had that christmas tree in my living room. franz your teasing me like the way plastic man does with minimal acid. i kept waiting for you to drop the electro and blow up or burn the tree down visually of course.

is the electro part of the audio an actual record or is it composed for this project. either way it leaves me wanting more. i really like the 1024 concept.

or are you making the music with your neon guitars ?

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Re: Xmas Tree

thanks for your positive comment ! The audio is the original, except that the mayor asked me to remove 2 samples of the electro guitar. So on location, only the very first audio crash stays in. The glitches and beat repeats + slow downs are also part of the real show. It is pretty much the same. But the show lasts for half an hour, looping.

At night, when the show is finished, the tree is quietly snoring - with lights moving accordingly.