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Hello gang! am looking at some of the Dance Dance Revolution pads for input... Can find some for $20 on ebay and places.. If you get the PS2>USB conversion widget does it show up in QC as a HID device?

any tips/tricks/brands not to use thoughts from othere who have used these???

thanks! cheers!!! jd

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Re: General Info Re: Dance Pads

i got one from best buy for 20 bucks, brand new made by "block head". there is a ps3 usb cable all ready hooked up so there is no need to buy an extra conversion box. to answer your question...

yes it automatically hooks up to qc via hid. actually both do the ps2 converter and the ps3 usb. i have a friend with an older pad that requires the converter and that works as well. if i remember correctly it shows up as a generic hid device. all the pads work fine. the arrows or hat switch i think it is called is a bit tricky. to get a boolean from them you need use a conditional as the arrows do not output on and off as 1 and 0. they output on an off states by a decimal number.