Particle Tennis

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Need some help getting the physics of a game of tennis going.

ParticleTennis from Boya Bøckman on Vimeo.

First of all I need to find a way to make my planes impenetrable. Right now the balls boil like peas through the surface of the court, and if you see the comp from the side the balls are also hovering above the surface. Why is this? And the "bat", which will be replaced by some sort of motion tracking device, seems not to repel particularly correct when the balls hit the mesh either.

Also there is the full screen render particle bug which would be nice to solve. (This will be one of plenty patches turned on and off during a performance so I’d like not to reset rendering)

Lastly, is there a way to trigger sounds upon emissions/collisions?

Truly in need of help, boya

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