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Hi I'm playing with the _1024_GL_BezierSurface_00 and want to change the x y and size of its anchor point. I simply want to locate the whole patch in a different location in the viewer and modify its size. Eventually I want to duplicate it and have 2-3 of those on the viewer so I can pipe an image/video into each and map project the output on 2-3 objects. Any idea how should I do it? I'm new to QC so I may be asking something obvious Thanks

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Re: _1024_GL_BezierSurface_00.qtz

If you don't have to stay within QC its much easier to use syphon (syphon.v002.info/) and mad mapper (www.madmapper.com/)

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Re: _1024_GL_BezierSurface_00.qtz

FYI MadMApper can now natively render QTZ files, modify the published inputs and even pass mouse + keyboard info to the running patch (aka interactive mode)