3D printing with Quartz

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Hi, I'm going to use QC to drive DLP projection, in real time for a 3D printer. It's working well and have printed samples. I'm grabbing footage from maya with v002's excellent screen capture plugin. However, I want to dilate and erode the realtime footage. Am I missing a simple way to do this? I see that v002 has dilate/erode plugins, but they're for lists of images, whereas I have streaming footage.

More detail: in maya I'm slicing the object to-be-printed with a clipping plane, it works well except that the sliced object has thin 'walls'. I want to thicken the walls (and have control over it) so I can adjust the thickness of the printed parts. I think dilate/erode is the right move--anyone have advice about that? It seems like QC is a great place to manipulate this streaming footage, but I can't see how to dilate/erode.

I need to stay in realtime, for complicated robotics reasons (i can't predict their speed along the printing path with 100% accuracy). Thank you.

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Re: 3D printing with Quartz

I don't think dilate/erode will work but this (see attached composition) is how you use them

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