3d model 'breaking' when near

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I'm having an issue working with a collada 3d model and the stock mesh loader (got the same behaviour with kineme3D).

This is happening:

I'd like to be able to navigate trough the 3d model of the roller coaster, but when zooming in, the parts closest to the viewer 'break off', like in the video. Is there some kind of workaround? Like modifying the model, importing models differently or is there a trick in QC?


3d_breaking.zip704.12 KB

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Re: 3d model 'breaking' when near

Yea, this is how 3D works. Your near clip plane is out further than you want. That said, you always are going to have a near (and far) clip plane. No work around fundamentally, but you can play with the size of your model, your camera position and the near clip values.

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Re: 3d model 'breaking' when near

Thanks! Scaling it up did the trick!