AR plugins in QB app (teapot demo)

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As an experiment I tried out the 'AR teapot' demo thats shown on youtube.

It works pretty well in Quartz Composer, but once its exported to an App with QBuilder it works very poorly.

Is there someway to improve the result?

Ill include a screenshot. Obviously the right side image is the app & this was the absolute best result i could get. Generally you see nothing or perhaps a bit of spout for a moment.

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Re: AR plugins in QB app (teapot demo)

Are you clearing the GL depth buffer before drawing the teapot? (Clear patch, go to the Settings panel, make sure Clear Depth Buffer is enabled.)

If that doesn't help, please post your composition.

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Re: AR plugins in QB app (teapot demo)

Thanks! That was indeed my problem. Works much better now :-)