Akai MPD 26 Controller Map

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This patch lists all fo the buttons and faders from an Akai MPD 26 drum controller. By sniffing through all of the listings in the "Midi Notes Receiver" & "Midi Controller Receiver" (Faders & Pads respectively). It also lists the "pad sensitive" and straight boolean values from the pads.

I feel this is a pretty common controller so hopefully someone will find it handy!

MPD 26.qtz30.36 KB

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Re: Akai MPD 26 Controller Map

hi scalf i tried to use you patch, but by opening it there is this error messages

Cannot create connection from ["key_49" @ "MidiNotes_1"] to ["inputValue1" @ "Conditional_14"] ...

am i missing a plugin you are using?


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Re: Akai MPD 26 Controller Map

Try loading it in 32 bit mode