ArtDmx Sender does smth wrong

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I have OS 10.7.5, QC 4.6, ArtNet Tools 1.5 (also tried 1.4) Made simple composition with Midi Notes Receiver & ArtDmx Sender. Using Wireshark I see values pressed on MIDI into the ArtNet stream. It even worked some moment (I mean, RGB spot reflected what I press) after I started WinXP in Parallels (XP uses same Ethernet card).

DMX Workshop running on XP also controls that spot. When I start MagicQ or VDMX5, they appear on DMX Workshop's NodeList. But Quartz Composer Doesn't appear on this list.

What happens, dudes?

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Re: ArtDmx Sender does smth wrong

Well, QC appeared on NodeList, but it has "No new data" in its out.

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Re: ArtDmx Sender does smth wrong

@rbalykov: Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Kineme Art-Net Tools implements ArtDmx sending and receiving, but it doesn't implement ArtPoll — so Kineme Art-Net Tools won't show up on DMX Workshop's Art-Net Node list.