Automatic Image downloader from Gmail

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Hello to all,

We are creating composition for open air festival POKE in Quartz Composer and looking for solution how to support artists. One idea is supporting them directly through donation from visitors, who will get advertise on video mapped box 2x2m for small fee - example 2 euros. We are thinking for solution how easy visitors could upload their images to our computer and automated be visible on that box. Does anybody have tip or solution how to do this in Quartz Composer ? Thank you for your tips.

Regards Martin

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Re: Automatic Image downloader from Gmail

One way would be to setup an email address, have people send their images as an attachment, use an Applescript to strip the attachments out automatically into a folder, and then use a composition with image loader that re-scans the folder periodically.

Here's an Applescript that does it in conjunction with Rules:

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Re: Automatic Image downloader from Gmail

In case of nearly the same idea, i build something like that some weeks ago...

That was my proof of concept (Prototyp)

iOS6 - HTML5 Image Upload - Slideshow (gallery) with uploaded pictures from individual iPhone users and beam it on a big wall. Upload through a HTML5 Upload Form.

Benefit: no extra App or software needed


1.) build a HTML5 image upload form with these basic attributes Upload only one picture: <input type=file accept="image/*">

Upload selected pictures from photo library:

<!-- Accept Multiple Images -->
<input type="file" accept="image/*" multiple>

2.) build an individual upload php script with your upload (images) folder

3.) i used the upload solutions (scripts) from

4.) make use of a small php script in the root directory of your web server.

$dirname = "yourpath/plupload/examples/uploads/";
$images = glob($dirname."*.jpg");
foreach($images as $image) {
echo '<img src="'.$image.'" /><br />';

5.) use the CoGeWebkit Plugin with your "URL" and the getimg.php (

6.) connect the "Image Locations" output with "Structure Index Member" and the output "Member" with the Image Importer

7.) should work like charm

Hope it helps you.

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Re: Automatic Image downloader from Gmail

Thank you Mattgolsen for your help, I will try this solution. Regards Martin

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Re: Automatic Image downloader from Gmail

Hello 3lab_VJ thank you for your ideas, you know how connect different worlds...