Blob Tracking Quartz Balloons

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Hi, Juddy from Melbourne , Australia.

I am looking to track slow moving balloons and then project on them in darkness with a Kinect or IR camera setup possibly using quartz with audio reactive plugins.

Currently looking at a combination of Kinect, QC, Modulate and Madmapper but having trouble getting this to work.

Can anyone with similar experience suggest a different setup/chain/workflow?

Thanks very much in advance


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Re: Blob Tracking Quartz Balloons

I've done some balloon tracking before. Your going to want to clean up the scene so only your balloons are visible. A.k.a. a little background subtraction, threshold, etc.

Then you are ready for tracking. OpenCV can do all of this.

Then with these points assign them to any parameters or animations and you've hit it!

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Re: Blob Tracking Quartz Balloons

Thanks for the reply scalf. Much appreciated.

Did you use a Kinect or an IR camera setup? Was there much programming involved in OpenCV ?- I have not used it before.

Sorry for the noob questions. I have come at this from audio - wanting to make a better lightshow - mapping in madmapper and modulate. My technical skills regarding programs communicating or programming are currently very low.

Will opencv talk to a mapping program so I can project video onto the balloons?

Thanks for your time- great website and work btw