Camera Move

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I was thinking about camera animation. And a method like an attached file was thought of.

Isn't there any method good for others?

cameramove.qtz27.32 KB

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Re: Camera Move

I've spliced together a work in progress item that might help to make the matter of inputting the numbers into something more common to simply keying in numbers rather than turning dials.

Uses post example by Thanks for that 2009 post, usefuldesign :-). This incorporation needs some further refinements and no mistake to work as you might well wish, yone.

cameramove boolean input to number.qtz32.61 KB

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Re: Camera Move

Your approach is similar to my usual approach, except that sometimes I generate durations for the smoothing as well. I also sometimes use GL LookAt instead of transforms, and use Timeline instead of interpolating between static positions like this (like Image TV.qtz from Apple's 10.5 Developer examples).

Take a look at the Apple "Wind Tunnel.qtz"; it has a similar camera setup to this, with a couple of extra things.

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Re: Camera Move

Refined the white screen.

cameramove boolean input to number - 2.qtz31.2 KB

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Re: Camera Move


I like this approach like "bitflag".


This will be very helpful!

I am now try the B-spline. If it all goes well, I'll upload here.