CommandLineTool strange 'zoom artefact'

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The Apple CommandLineTool seems to have fierce side-effects. In the super-simple example patch below it causes kind of an unwanted 'zoom effect' in others, more complicated once, i encountered crashes.

This behaviour hold true whether using the latest build available in this forum, or a fresh build plugin on my machine (intel imac, osx 10.7.4). However, an application created from the patch seems to work just fine!

I attached the sample patch with and without the CommandLineTool applied for easy comparisons as well as the app I build from it.

Maybe someone knows about these 'artefacts', has a solution or just would like to confirm that this is actually an issue.

I fear though, the issue is a greater one, and it might be worth to take up the old Kineme 'Shell Command'(0.3) and update it, since it does not even show up anymore in the library.

Happy about any comment, mc

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Re: CommandLineTool strange 'zoom artefact'

That artifact has happened for me, I think since that project's release. I think it happens whenever the patch is disabled/enabled, and maybe when the Viewer window in QC is turned on/off too.

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Re: CommandLineTool strange 'zoom artefact'

There's a fixed version of the CommandLineTool here: and minute updates to that fix so it is easier to compile here:

This works for me

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Re: CommandLineTool strange 'zoom artefact'

Sorry coming back that late. BUT your fix is great. Tested it extensively and it works very well even in other runtime environments like SuperCollider!

So a big thanx for the confirmation above and your improvements, mc