Command Shell

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I need execute a bash script from Qc in Lion. Is this posible?

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Re: Command Shell

I remember trying to do this in Snow Leopard. I used the Command Line Tool patch (which is an Apple Developer Example), left Standard In blank, and reference the path of the sh file.

In my case, I was using it to open OSCeleton (an app that needed to be triggered via Terminal), so the sh file read:

open /Users/georgetoledo/Desktop/osceleton-mac-8110/Sensebloom-OSCeleton-a9e5c55/osceleton-osx

I seem to remember an element of it (Command Line Tool) corrupting gl state in some scenarios, so I would check well before using it. In particular, sizing would either enlarge on the x axis or x/y/z axes (I cannot remember which), after stopping the composition, and re-running. Also, I have not tested it in Lion. I'm sharing this info, because it may still work in Lion, and/or maybe the problem with gl scale changing isn't a problem anymore. So, I'm unsure if it will work in 10.7, and it didn't work great in 10.6 :/

There may be other patches that accomplish similar tasks; I'd check into alternatives as well if the route above doesn't work, or if you have problems with gl scale. I'm unsure what alternatives are out there, but I think checking the search engine here will likely turn up some results. If not, my apologies.

Fixed formatting of shell script

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Re: Command Shell


I have tested CommandLineTools.plugin and compiled for Lion and works correctly ( more o less... ;-p ) but finally i have used apple script plugin ( for my composition it´s better than CommandLine )

P.D:Excuse my English

Here is CommandLineTools for Lion:

CommandLineTool.plugin 10.7.zip16.1 KB