Count Back when Time goes Backwards

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hello ... need help :)

i count the beat with an LFO. when timebase are going forward count +1 every x seconds

but what can i do if the timebase goes backward ?? they count +1 every time forward and backward !!

please help.

greetz from germany

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Re: Count Back when Time goes Backwards

I'm reading this as you having a problem with the fact that the LFO doesn't accept a negative timebase.

What you can do instead is to manipulate the phase.

Patch Time multiplied by 360, into the Phase input, with an LFO on external timebase (but with no Patch Time going to it) creates the same effect as supplying the external timebase with a Patch Time. The Phase can be fed a negative value and you'll get a "backwards" result.

If you're already sending something to the Phase input, you can place a math patch in front and add the values.