Create a mesh from text

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It would be really helpful for me if I could create a mesh from text within quartz composer. Something like a "Mesh from String" patch.

Do you think this is possible?

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Re: Create a mesh from text

I have a not yet finalized 3D text plugin for QC. It works pretty well most of the time, but some encodings/font combinations cause crashes deep within FTGL, which I've yet to determine the cause of.

Maybe ill post a build? Its not a "mesh" output, it just renders a string directly to GL, with geometry.

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Re: Create a mesh from text

Kineme2D has a Vector With String patch, that can be hooked to Extrusion with Vector. That will create a keyed structure of that gives vertices and normals, that can be connected to a Kineme GL Triangle Structure. It would be a little tricky to process the structure to do deformation, if you needed, but you could use a GLSL environment to do that.

You can also look at Apple's Developer Connection site, for the "OpenCL" examples. There is a patch that shows how to create an OpenCL heightfield from an image with string patch. I think that's less likely to work on a great variety of machines.

You could also try feeding an image with string patch to some GLSL shaders.

Image With String GLSL Extrusion.qtz915.29 KB

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Re: Create a mesh from text

I guess a patch with a mesh output would be the ideal possibility, but I'll give the other ones a try :-)

Thank you