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As a last minute favor to some NGOs I'm doing AV for a Comedy Review night including playing a few video skits, SFX and organising lighting. There are some RGB 'ParCans' I can borrow that have DMX fittings on the back. I have no experience with DMX all my lighting was done in pre-digital days of yore! If I use the Kineme DMX Plugin can I expect to drive the lights from quartz, nothing fancy at all just occasional fades of tinted white light I'm guessing.

Specifically what HW device would I need to get a signal from QC to the DMX cables?! Some kind of black box I can hire for a day maybe?! I haven't been able to get a DMX enabled lighting desk for free from friends yet…

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Re: DMX Plugin

There's a list of tested Art-Net-to-DMX converters on the Art-Net Tools page, ranging from black-boxes to full lighting consoles. I've personally used the ENTTEC Open DMX Ethernet box for about 5 years now.'s picture
Re: DMX Plugin

Thanks Steve. Had some dark memory of such a page here…'s picture
Re: DMX Plugin

Third double post in a row. I've switched to Chrome from Safari b/c Safari beach balls all the freaking time and crashes whenever it gets a sniff of HTML5 or Flash video but perhaps the kineme server is a bit slower these days?

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Re: DMX Plugin

There were some issues over the weekend, but as of late Sunday night GMT-5, that's solved. is responding quickly for me at the moment, and the server status looks good.

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Re: DMX Plugin

Just got the ENNTEC for use with MadMapper, this could be a good solution. Also, the 1024 guys have a pretty good selection of DMX fixture specific patches.

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Re: DMX Plugin

Hello Smokris

Given that you have used the ENTTEC DMX controller with the Kineme patch, I am wondering whether you could help me.

Here's a screen shot of what I've come up with so far. However it doesn't seem to be sending the signal (to one LED par can). The black out trigger makes the par can flash.

Any help would be much appreciated


Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 13.24.19.png
Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 13.24.19.png100.82 KB