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I'm trying to work with movies, I manipulate the video and I need to export it. I have problems with the export. Could you help me? I leave here the project, test.qtz if you could help me to export a movie?

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Re: Export Movie

Enric, without the TBGLPBOGlitchPlugIn, which plugin I cannot find a web URL for, I can't exactly begin to help you as well as I otherwise could.

That said and stated .... I still find the need to ask some other questions.

How have you been trying to export your composition as a movie?

What version of QC and on what version of OS X are you running?

This is what I get when opening up your composition.

> (null)
<QCNodeManager | namespace = "com.apple.QuartzComposer" | 973 nodes>: Patch with name "QCPlugInPatch:TBGLPBOGlitchPlugIn" is missing
> Macro Patch
Cannot create node of class "QCPlugInPatch" and identifier "TBGLPBOGlitchPlugIn"
> Macro Patch
Cannot create connection from ["outputImage" @ "PlugInPatch_TBGLPBOGlitchPlugIn_1"] to ["inputImage" @ "Sprite_1"]
> Macro Patch
Cannot create connection from ["outputImage" @ "QuickTimePlayer_1"] to ["inputImage" @ "PlugInPatch_TBGLPBOGlitchPlugIn_1"]
> (null)
State restoration failed on <QCPatch = 0x7ff82c2e37a0 "(null)">

and attached is what the composition looks like once opened without the aforementioned TBGLPBOGlitchPlugIn, which I doubt is how the composition is actually meant to look.

That said and stated .....

Have you tried using either Quartz Crystal or QtzRendang to output your composition as a movie?

If you can answer the questions stated and even better, provide either a download link to the plugin you've used or the plugin itself and also briefly describe by what means you've trying to export your movie [I'm thinking this might have been by means of the Command +E Menu option in QC] then I and no doubt others can much more rapidly advise you to the point whereby you can be no doubt achieving a successful export.

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