FaceShift Studio and Quartz

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Intresting new tool for kinect face tracking/modeling www.faceshift.com

There is openframeworks port but I'm not so good in that. https://vimeo.com/46916078

Is there a way to get this to work with QC somehow?

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Re: FaceShift Studio and Quartz

Well, it looks like Faceshift (the app?) already outputs OSC signals, which can likely be received into QC with the stock OSC patch or the third party "qcOSC" patch. It looks like all the ofx project does is show how to receive the OSC, not to generate the data or host it.

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Re: FaceShift Studio and Quartz

wrong - the fs app has its own protocol which FaceShiftOSC converts to OSC.

Download and run the built FaceShiftOSC alongside the fs app, use the QC OSC plugins.