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I'm making a sms system for quartz composer.

The messages go in a mysql database, and a php script loads them and I can edit/remove them before giving them through to another php file if the message is ok. But how do I get from php to quartz composer? (live, streaming)

I've tried the websockets patch, but it doesn't work. I tried osc library for php, but this library doesn't work.


(btw i'm using 10.8)

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Re: Get information from PHP page


I'm now trying to use the rss feed.

How it should work: A php file makes a rss feed with the latest 5 database entries. QC checks the rss feed each x seconds and compares if there are new values and adds them.

But I'm still not happy because I want "real" live streaming. Someone with a solution?

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Re: Get information from PHP page

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Re: Get information from PHP page

maybe you can use the webkit?

if you got full control over the html page you could possibly strip it to the data you need?