Getting composer field from iTunes into QC

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I need somehow to be able to get the composer field into a composition. iVisualize (which no longer works in iTunes) supported this, but it is not, as far as I am aware, natively supported using the track info patch. I have been recommended to use this CSV plugin:

As I see it essentially I would create a CSV file of all of the tracks in my iTunes library, with a line for each track with 4 tags - name/title, artist, album and composer. As each track loads the composition would search for a line in the CSV file that returns the composer where the name/title, artist and album all match.

As I understand it the CSV patch works similarly to the XML importer patch, so I have started on the attached composition. Unfortunately there is no ‘key’ in the CSV file, as there is in an XML file, so I don’t know what to enter for the key in the Stucture Key Member patches (screenshot attached of the format of the structure from the CSV file).

Could someone advise me as to the best way to proceed. An alternative method I assume would be to use the XML importer patch, using the XML file outputted by iTunes when I select ‘export library', but this is a fairly monstrously sized file, so perhaps CSV is the best method?

Any advice is welcome!



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