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Hello, I'm new to QC but I've managed to make some simple compositions.

I'm looking forward to make a composition that makes following:

Users draw on a lcd graphic tablet (Wacom Cintiq or similar). Once, the sketch is finished they click a button and the sketch is displayed on another screen.

Each time a user makes a new sketch it appears on the second screen with the previous ones.

Any suggestions on how to structure the composition or what direction to take? Any help is appreciated.

Later i will post a graphic explaining the idea in a more clear way.


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Re: Help / Guestbook display composition

How about using the table patch for the input.

Either use the accumulator in conjunction with a render in image as the process, (their is a paint.qtz example in the quartz Composer example folder). Or if you want to save and reopen the drawing I believe George did a drawing composition using GLtool lines which are structures that you could use to save and load using Kmn data tools.

Then use OSC to send to another computer or simply use the spooky patch to send the information from one composition on your primary screen to your aux screen.

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Re: Help / Guestbook display composition

Thanks itsthejayj.

I tried the table+acumulator+render image. They work ok, except if yo move the pen a little bit fast thera are gaps on the stroke. Anny sugestions on this?

I'm now working on saving the images to files with the image export patch, having some minor issues here.

I'll post further improvements