How to fade out different instructions patches?

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I want to have directions telling people to draw with the tablet or rotate the design by pushing the arrow keys, etc. I can't figure out how to turn off one text and have it long enough to read and then start a new text. I've been playing with interpolation, round, stop watch and dissolve with the instructions patches but all I've been able to do is flicker the text and can't get it to disappear to transition to the next instructions. I have no need to have an image with it so I hope there's a way to just work with the text. Hope you can help!

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Re: How to fade out different instructions patches?

Anyone know how to fade out text without any trigger? Just shows long enough to be read and then fades away. This seems like it should be simple but I don't understand how to do this with image with string. I can only get it to work by touching a key but I want it to fade on its own after like 5 seconds.

The timing patches confuse me :(

I have a smooth patch with increasing duration at 0 and decreasing duration as 2 connected to HSL color Alpha. This fades it but I want it to fade at a set time without having to push anything.