How to repeat,delay... Iterate a line ?

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Hi, i got this line moving in awavy fashion...


I want to have like a delay of lines.. like an echo...

I guess i should do it with an iterator, the question is .. how ?

Any ideas ?

Thanx !

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Re: How to repeat,delay... Iterate a line ?

There are probably several solutions to your problem. Using a render in image patch and causing a feedback loop might work as well. But since you mentioned iterators, then here is an example of how to use an iterator to do what you are asking.

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Re: How to repeat,delay... Iterate a line ?

i like using an accumulation method. tone burst at machines don't care has a feedback macro i use a lot that illustrates how to use an accum filter with feedback and different blending modes to produce a zoom type feedback.

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Re: How to repeat,delay... Iterate a line ?

feedback is cool with its own charms, but i think a good solution here is to queue up the line y positions (for ex., using the lfo) per iteration and fade alpha using iterator variables position. this one uses the javascript queue for y pos, which opens the door to using js for more animation by adding variables (color, etc.). (wish the antialiasing could be rectified. supersampling?)

(question: why does my fps drop so drastically/consistently -- ~12fps -- when i go to full screen on my 1920x1200 monitor, even with this simple comp set to low iterations?)

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