Interactive fun with particles

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I'm just starting my adventure with QC and Kinect and encountered a task which I can't figure out.

What I want to do is somehow move/push away particles in QC using Kinect. For example create particles which fall down from top off the screen ( maybe snowflakes) and be able to dispersing them by moving your hands/body.

How can I affect particles ( or any other object) in QC using Kinect?

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Re: Interactive fun with particles

There are several kinect plugins available for QC, but you'll also need to use something like osceleton to do stuff with tracking body movements, tried it a year or so ago, and it required a bit of setup.

I don't think the stock qc particle patch lets you influence the particles after generation apart from their start point, maybe 1024 particle warfare will do it, but I've not played around with it much, not sure of it's current status.

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Re: Interactive fun with particles

Thanks for reply,

I tried 1024 Cloud plugin and it is almost what I need but there is no way to generate particles with lifetime, just static number of points:(

In the other hand default particle system is not bad. I can put image there instead of white dots set the gravity but... I can't set up custom attractor (e.g. mouse)

If I solve this problem, maybe TUIO plugin or other blob tracking plugins help me with particles manipulate.