Kineme 3D, v002 model importer or mesh importer?

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Hi there, I have this model and I would like to replace the current texture with a video input in QC.

I have included a patch where you should be able to see the 'dummy' test screen texture mapped onto the model in the same way I would like the video input to be placed.

So the final object will have a video input mapped on the four sided 'pyramid' of the model in the same that the test screen is now displayed on all four sides. The 'base' of the model should not display video.

I have tried different approaches with Kineme 3d, v002 and the mesh importer and do get some sort of video texture using 3D object loader and mesh importer, but the UV mapping is not what I expect. I see some flickering as if one or very few pixels of the video is mapped to the surface. The v002 model importer doesn't seem to recognize the dae at all.

If I need to subdivide the model into separate objects that is OK. Better than nothing I suppose....

Any ideas? It's very much appreciated...

video texture.zip46.38 KB

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Re: Kineme 3D, v002 model importer or mesh importer?

A screenshot to illustrate

Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 12.08.19.png
Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 12.08.19.png41.18 KB

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Re: Kineme 3D, v002 model importer or mesh importer?

What an interesting problem this turned out to be.

I found success with using your assets plus a Video Input patch, Set Mesh Texture patch set to Index 3, and an Image Resize patch set to the dimensions read via an Image Dimensions patch being fed your texture.png file.

However, what I found quite confounding was that I couldn't get both your original model + texture.png and the original model + video input to work concurrently.

However, by removing the following lines from the .DAE file I was able to achieve success being able to have both the DAE with it's originally set texture and the untextured DAE file running concurrently in the same viewer.

        <image id="ID89">

Please see attached archive that contains examples of the problem referred to above and the workaround solution I contrived.

The untextured DAE file takes the image from the Set Mesh Texture patch whilst the other Mesh Renderer takes the texture originally set in the DAE file.

Does that help you?

video texture rework.zip180.83 KB

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Re: Kineme 3D, v002 model importer or mesh importer?

Wow thank you for that. This is extremely useful to me. I missed the step about resizing the input image to the size of the original texture. I should have thought of that.

FYI this patch has a real use. The model is a stage design and this patch will give the customer a real sense of how the triangular screens will work. I will replace the video input with a syphon input and so I will be able to route input from eg. Modul8 to test out different images on the screens.

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Re: Kineme 3D, v002 model importer or mesh importer?

Resizing makes the video image congruent with the size of the original texture image.

The really important points otherwise are making an alternate .dae sans the texture fill code entry [easily done in a good text editing application of your choice] and setting the correct index to your video image input upon the Set Mesh Texture patch.

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Re: Kineme 3D, v002 model importer or mesh importer?

If you have bugs with the v002 software, please post on the v002 forums :)