Kinime Particles on Mac Mini

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Hello everyone!

I have been using Quartz and the Kinime tools for about a year now, and I love them and have had no issues until recently.

Currently I am working on a weather visualization for a giant 16foot LED screen that will be installed in a University. We recently purchased a new mac Mini and downloaded the Developer tools witch now come with Quartz Composer 4. Quartz composer runs fine but crashes when ever I open a scene with Kinime Particles in it. Has anyone else had this problem?

I also have a 3 year old MBPro that has Quartz Composer 3 and Kinime installed and have had no problems, even after upgrading from Leopard to Snow Leopard.

That makes me think that its either Quarz Composer 4 or the Mac mini's Graphics Card or a combination of both. All the new Mac mini's have the NVIDIA GeForce 320M which does not have dedicated memory but uses the systems main memory instead. Quartz did give me a weird Error the first time I booted it up saying something about inefficient memory but after a system restart it disappeared and everything ran smoothly. I also use the Kinime File Tools and Have had no issues.

Does anyone know of a fix? If not I can get by with the standard particle emitter (which works fine) if I have to but it would not be as cool. :P

Thanks. :) Eric

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Re: Kinime Particles on Mac Mini

Sorry for the double post. Server glitched I guess.

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Re: Kinime Particles on Mac Mini

What about the more logical option/conclusion that it's a problem with using particle tools IN snow leopard? Try compiling the particle tools project as a universal build, or run qc in 32 bit mode. This will not solve all issues.

I would be hesitant to use particle tools in a project the nature of which you speak of, without being super familiar with it or the issues I describe above.

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Re: Kinime Particles on Mac Mini

Use ParticleTools only in 32bit mode. The underlying particle engine doesn't really work in 64bit mode.

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Re: Kinime Particles on Mac Mini

Thanks guys! That fixed most of the issues. It seems that my compositions are too big and are trying to use more memory than 32bit can handle. I have 12 kineme emitters with wind and such. I am going to have to cut back I suppose.