Leap Motion QC PlugIn on GitHub

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Hi all,

Thanks to @isthejayj who commissioned the latest version of my Leap Motion plugin, it's now available open source at : https://github.com/hOoz/Leap-Motion-QCPlugIn with the following patches.

  • Device: output keyed structures for the positions, directions, dimensions and gestures of hands and pointables.
  • Hands Reader: helper patch that avoid using "structures member" patch to get usable info.
  • Pointables Reader: helper patch that can output one or the five pointables of the provided hand structure and keep the pointables attached to an unique output.
  • 3D Transformation: works like the usual 3D transformation patch but with the hands and pointables coordinates.

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Re: Leap Motion QC PlugIn on GitHub


I am trying to run the Leap Motion on QC using your plug-in but I am having a lot of problems. I gave your plugin installed but the QC sample composition says that I am missing the plugin...

I am really stucked.. any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.