Lion & Video Tools

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I am finding that QuickTime support in QC 4.5 is a trifle hit and miss, the Movie Importer patch, for instance , never succeeds to properly load and run a movie file to fps set.

Thankfully, the Kineme Video Player in the Video Tools does allow for the introduction of rendered movies as image input.

However, as a result of the poor QuickTime support, the VideoTools QuickTime Player patch doesn't load frames. Not even in the demo composition.

Just wondered if this was a situation unique to me.

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Re: Lion & Video Tools

Nope, not unique to you. It's a known bug and it's on my todo list. Thanks for the reminder.

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Re: Lion & Video Tools

Thanks for the confirmation of the QT state of play :-).

BTW, totally different patch, totally different author base, but I found that using Syphon Recorder when incorporating Kineme Video Player results in a null render in Syphon. The same also holds true with Quartz Crystal, both of which applications do very well indeed with non movie based or reliant compositions.