Mavericks Javascript port from previous version

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I have a series of javascript patches that i developed on a snow leopard and Mountain Lion machine. I was able to open a composition from the previous version and it would function completely including any javascript patches. If I attempted modify the javascript to encapsulate any text in quotation marks I would receive syntax error; invalid character '\u8216'. Such as calling keys vs index in structures.

This would happen no matter what, even if i just deleted previous quotes just to replace them, suddenly the old code had the same syntax error.

I was able to resolve the issue by putting in a new javascript patch (from mavericks) and copying the code from one of the old patches, now every javascript patch is back to working and I can modify all javascript patches no matter the quartz that created it.

Just posting here for both confirmation to see if anyone else has had this happen to them, and to help anyone who may stumble across this issue as well.

I am currently running quartz composer 4.6 OS 10.9 and created the patches originally on quartz composer 4.0 OS 10.6.8

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Re: Mavericks Javascript port from previous version

Okay so it appears as though this was a temporary fix/ possible glitch. I am assuming that mavericks text engine is inputing hidden characters into the javascript editor. (maybe the ' character is slightly different than in previous versions and as such quartz doesn't understand the encapsulated text.)

As a more permanent solution (still a bit of a pain) I downloaded textwrangler and copied my code, or write from scratch, and then paste into the javascript editor. Textwrangler appears to have sanitized the code properly and removed any hidden characters or markups that i wasn't seeing.

EDIT: As a follow up to this issue, It appears as though Quartz javascript editor is putting in the ' as U+2019 instead of the required U+0027. U+2019 is a right single quotation mark instead of an apostrophe quote.