Merge Path

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I am trying to achieve Merge Path effect as it is shown in the picture below. So basically if two white cubes will move in the opposite direction and when they are in front of each other they will get black colour. Is there any plugin that will make it easier to achieve this, or how can I achieve without plugins

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Re: Merge Path

I suggest that you render each object into an image and use them in a GLSL shader to do the math for the image inverting. No plugins necessary. However the GLSL shader will have some complicated code to move the objects around.'s picture
Re: Merge Path

in Adobe software you would use a colour mode of "difference" on the upper layer to make it appear to invert. I know Kosada has colour modes in Vuo Renders.

you could go through all the stock core image filters or consider writing your own. if it only deals with black and white colour values the code will be pretty simple: if image-a pixel white and image-B pixel is white then resulting pixel is black else if image-a pixel or image-b pixel is white then resulting pixel is white else pixel is transparent.

if you are using 3D objects you'll have to render than inside a RII patch before they can go into the core image filer patch as image inputs.

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Re: Merge Path

You can try my oz.geometry plug-in (here: and its clipper patch with difference mode.